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Saturday, January 22, 2011

1997 Elders radio interview

The first ever radio interview of Hopi elders. The following is an edited down version. The complete transcript of the radio show is at:

Live Radio Interview with Hopi Elders - June 15th/16th, 1998

GF1 = Grandfather 1
GF2 = Grandfather 2
GM = Grandmother
GW = Robert Ghost Wolf
AB = Art Bell

AB: Good morning, everybody. I'm Art Bell and if we get our phones hooked up right, and we've just had a disconnect problem, we are going to, in this half hour, have two Hopi Elders on the program. We've never tried this before. . . . First, we are going to go to Robert Ghost Wolf, who is out somewhere in the Dakotas. Where ARE you, Robert?

GW: I'm in the Black Hills. South Dakota. . . .

AB: . . . we are about to hear two Hopi Elders. We are not going to give their real names on the air. We are going to call them "Grandfather 1", "Grandfather 2", and "Grandmother Hopi." Why are we doing this?

GW: There has already been a lot of controversy about these Elders stepping out and speaking like this, to the world, and they have had some threats made against them already, so we are taking precautions to make sure that they're safe.

. . .

AB: Ok. I think that my first question?. . . I would like to ask Grandfather 1 why he has come forward in public at this time?

GF2: {Asks GF1 in Hopi language, then translates.}

GF1: {Answers in Hopi language.} It is our time to bring forth the message into the world. It has been taught to us by our Elders, from way back. That is why I have chosen to step forward and bring out the message today. There are people out there who are leading two lives?..who are there to stop us from putting forth the message, but it is the Elders, that taught us the wisdom, that are telling us to do this now for you and the rest of the world.

AB: With regard to what may be changing, Earth changes, is the time now very short?

GF2: {Asks, then translates.} It is time for the end times here, that was prophesized and through the dreams that were given to us also. Through those dreams, we are learning that we are getting very close to the end times.

AB: Might we ask how old Grandfather 1 is? His age?

GF2: {Asks?} Seventy-five. 75 years old. . . . From the time when (?) was the chief,
he had been carrying this message. But mainly the message had been carried forth by word of mouth. The accuracy had to deal with how well each individual that was given the opportunity to maintain the exactness of the prophecies. They were all given this prophecy, so they all had to meet at least once or twice a year, in the Kivas, where they would actually sit down and go back through that. One person would talk about the prophecies, and if he ever so much as added something to it or left something out, then the rest of the group would know that part of the prophecies was missing. So, they would tell him, "Well, you didn't say this one here," or "You added this to it." So, that is how this was kept alive through word of mouth and everyone had to remember just what those prophecies were about.

AB: Is Grandfather, or are you and others now having many dreams indicating that indeed these are the end times beginning to unfold?

GF2: {Asks?} Yes, I have dreamed about these things and that's how a lot of them are coming about and they are true. . . . It wasn't exactly through the dreams. The dreams were part of the teachings that he knows and having to understand the exactness of the prophecies themselves. He had to go out and do a lot of prayers. And then, he would go and do this and was doing this for a whole year. Within a year's time, he had kind of lost interest in the giving of the prophecies to him, because he hadn't received anything. So, he decided to quit for awhile. Finally, within a few months, he decided to go back to his prayers and he would go out and pray. Within four year's time, he started receiving a lot of information. So, that is how most of his information was received?..through asking?..prayer.

. . .

AB: . . . any details of what is going to happen, here on
Earth, with this prophecy. What is coming? Any specific details at all?

. . .

G2: Actually, there are a few that he thinks are important things that will be coming up pretty shortly. There's one thing for sure that we are going to come upon is that World War III will take place....and starvation is definitely a part of this thing, where we will hit starvation. The weather change, itself, it's erratic, right now, and it's not what it should be. This weather climate, itself, it's actually taking care of the crops already in a way that we're losing it. That's part know.....leading us into starvation because the crops will not produce.

GW: Do they know that you were just able to plant the corn up in Hopi land? Just a few days ago, like a week or so ago because of the weather?

G2: Yes. People have just started to do those things and it comes up but the winds are drying them up and the weather has been erratic, like I said, and it's been very cold. It's know, actually....they get frost bitten. It's kind of like a frost bitten effect on it that it burns it up.

AB: Yes. Yes, we are having the same thing here in Nevada. A kind of a frost bite.

. . .

G2: Yes, these are the signs of, you know, the changes and that also part of it is, you know, right now we're having problems with crickets which is a part of these prophecies where they would come in hoards and they will destroy the crops, also, and that is happening, also.

GW: You're having that in Nevada, aren't you?

AB: Yes, we are. In Southern Nevada we are having that and, apparently, throughout large portions of the Southwest we are having that.....yes, indeed. . . .

AB: When does Grandfather think the very serious parts of the prophecies, another world war and mass starvation......when will these begin to manifest? How far away from these are we?

. . .

G2: Well, it's been said that there is no exact time and date for these take place but the year 2000 is a ......I would say.....that is a close approximation of the time that all of this will start to take place. The teaching from the Elders was that they talked about that everything will happen at once but, when they say these things, they put it in a form that, you know, they say it's going to all happen at once but it's not exactness of happening at once. It will happen but they will, you know, fall pretty much short from the other, following, it's like a domino effect. This is, you know, when one thing happens then the other will fall into place.

. . .

G2: Ah, yes. The Earth changes will take place in such a way, you know, that this whole planet, here, will become a different type of planet because of the changes in itself. It has happened before, as we mentioned earlier, that it did happen before that they went through these changes and they was taught they we weren't supposed to go back to the same routine that we had gone through in the past life. That was the corruption that we were going through....what we're going through, today. There is so much corruption, out there. These were the things that led us to these things and even animals,
insects, all of these things will all turn around on us and, you know, they're going to lead us to the same things again.

. . .

AB: The animals will turn against us. Already, I have talked to many experts.....animal experts....who are saying that animal attacks, all across North America, are increasing many, many fold. So, this could be the beginning of that. . . . Grandfather 1, the question was, all of these changes including a world war?..uh, will there be a different effect in the cities than there is in the country?

. . .

GF2: {Asks GF1?} Yes, in the big cities, it will effect a lot. You know, how much corruption there will be within the cities. Also, the people themselves have to be aware of all of these things that will take place, so they must change, too. But, he's not asking anyone to follow him in the way he put himself on the path he is on. He is not asking anyone to follow him in that. It is up to the individual to make that decision for him/herself as to which direction they want to go. When you make that choice for yourself, what you want to do with your life, you don't blame anybody else for your own actions, for what you do. If something happens to you along the way, then you are not going to say that you were forced into it. These are the things that he had looked into also. That's why he's saying that he's not asking anyone to follow him in the way he's leading himself. He's only giving out advice that this is what they should do. They should start changing themselves and going back to the old ways of living simple lives, of taking care of themselves from the land that is available to them, and from the food that they grow. These are the things that will help you along the way when you come to your hard times. So, the people must make these decisions for themselves.

AB: All right. There are many that I have interviewed, many others who see the future, who say that our Sun is beginning to change and that it is causing some of these changes here on Earth. Does Grandfather know anything about that?

GF2: {Asks?} From these teachings that were given to him, he has understood that the solar axis itself, of the Sun, is going to change. The places that normally have cold weather will have hot weather. You know, the weather itself is going to get even worse. The temperatures are going to rise even higher, and that will burn up
the crops and dry up the Earth, so nothing will be able to grow. It is true that the Sun itself is being affected by this also.

AB: In farmer's fields around the world, in many, many places in the world,? a matter of fact even tonight, for the first time ever in the state of Virginia, there is a very complex crop circle. These are strange formations in farmer's crops. Does Grandfather know anything about what these may be, and why they happen?

GF2: {Asks?} He has heard about these. He has seen pictures of the crop circles that have been out there. These are, in his own mind, teachings also, and they're telling us what is becoming of our time and where it is leading us. He has had a chance to look at a few of them, and he does understand what they're trying to put through?..the message in the circle itself. It is telling us that we are very close to it and what we need to do in order to get ourselves back on track, and the other end of it?..when he says, the other end of it, where you get to see all the things happen and live again?..for a new life to start.

AB: Ok. Uh, then this is a good question. We have many strange machines that fly in our sky that we call UFOs. What do the Hopi have to say regarding these kinds of things, that have been seen to fly in the sky, what the Hopi may have called, "Star Brothers who have come from the heavens?"

GF2: {Asks?} I'd like to add a little to what he just said. This is referring to the question prior to this one. I didn't finish it out. He said that the crop circles were put there by outside, like the UFO people, but he's not sure just who put those crop circles there. But, to get back to the question that is the last one here, the teachings from the Elders, he said, yes they know about the possibilities of other life forms on other planets. The "Old Ones," the old people, the "Old Ones" way back had the knowledge and know-how of getting around, and they have traveled to other planets before and they know how it is out there, if there is life on other planets and they DO know that there is life on other planets and what planets are not liveable. But, they don't know the exactness of how they will be helping us out or they will be going against us. They just know that when we are getting close to the end times, we will be visited by people from out there, and we're not aware whether they're going to help us or go against us. We do know that they have high technology to see what is going on.

. . .

AB: I understand. Maybe I could ask this. What is the 'Purifier'? Is the 'Purifier', is it the Hopi Prophecy or is the 'Purifier' something specific? Is it a comet or is it something from the heavens or how may we know what the 'Purifier' is?

. . .

G2: The story about that is that we do know that we did have a brother who was set out and he is out there and with that brother and, from the Society of the One Horned Clan, they made a pact that .... from the One Horned Clan and the Society and the brother had make like's a law that the purifying time would come. This was already done, it was like it had been already organized and it was, you know, established.

GW: Like a contract.

G2: The stories that there will be come a time that whoever is going to come and, you know, to purify the people.....

G2: The 'Purifier' is mentioned is the other brother that was sent forth, out to the East, and this was the teaching that he had.....that he was sent of to the East and he would reach the point of origin where the Sun would come out from. When he reached that place, then he would touch his head to the Earth and he would return back to us. When this, you know, time comes that's the end of....the end times....time for a purification time when he will return back. He is the one that has a way, you know....the weapons or the artillery and he is the Big Brother so he would know what to do and how he would help us and how we would go about in having to make us understand. His job is to make us understand and try to get ourselves to behave in the way that we're supposed to and, if we don't, then the one from the West will come and they are the ones that are going to come with much force. He, the 'Purifier', the one that went to the East, is supposed to be big enough to take on the ones that are coming from the West. That is going to become like the Third World War.

AB: T. . . Does Grandfather have any idea why these things seem to be happening in our society?

. . .

G2: Well, the outcome of this, after that purifying time, the lifestyle will change....more or less. Those people or those ones that have been working, you know, with the evil or and the dark side are going to be eliminated. Only those that are walking on the one path and believing in that one and with a good heart, those are the ones that are going to continue this and there will be some....what you would say....there might be some people who have the minds that are like the scientists that can develop things. Right now we are not supposed to be taking the minerals out of the Earth for any reason at all, you know. Only certain minerals but only for the amount that you need, that's what was taught. But other than that, we're not supposed to reap the Earth,
you know, and tear it up like that...what we're doing now. Like intermarriage, it's not supposed to be done. Only after purification time will intermarriage be possible, you know, that we can start to marry other people.....other walks. This is, you know, when the people will come together after purification time and all walks, that have been spared, will come together and one language will be spoken. There will be one law and it has been taught to say that, you know, some people say that it's gonna be their language or it's going to be the Hopi language that's going to be spoken but this is, you know, something that is not very known as to what language will be spoken but there will be one language that will be spoken. Togetherness is what will come about where we're going to come back to what was once before. What Adam and Eve came upon was, you know, was the Garden of Eden where everything will be flourishing, even, you know, the flowers and the vegetation. Everything will be back to normal but from thenceforth we are allowed to do these things and we can take the minerals out of the Earth, to use for a purpose, and not to really destroy it, though.

. . .

G2: . . . Hopi has been know that they would strive and survive, even in a desert place where there is no water really available for those kinds of things. So, they ask, through prayer, to ask their crops to survive and this is a strong sense of spirituality of the Hopi.

AB: And it is to these kachinas that you pray?

G2: Yes. They come in the form of clouds.

AB: Would you ask Grandfather, this. Earlier we asked him about the Sun and he said the Sun would shift on it's axis. There are many who think these Earth changes that are so imminent, soon.....will mean that the Earth will also change on it's axis in response to what the Sun does. Now, the question is, is there anything in Hopi prophecy about changes in the pattern of the stars because that is what we would see after an axis change here on Earth? Would the stars look different?

. . .

G2: Yes, he believes that the axis of the Earth itself will change, also.....shift....and that will cause a lot of Earth changes, itself, also. About the stars that you mentioned, there have been a lot of stories about these things and they pertain to a lot of what happened with the stars, too. He says he doesn't know exactly but it's true that a lot of what happened with the stars and different things .... the patterns ..... are true and now they talk about these things as just like stories and like fairy tale stores but most of them are true. He doesn't know exactly what will take place out there, again, if that should every happen.

AB: Alright. Would you ask Grandfather to give us some few things that we should all watch and look for to happen in the next say.....18 months.....or year and a half.

. . .

G2: Okay, he says that these earthquakes are eminent but there is no real date as to when these will take place. That big earthquake that was supposed to hit California had been altered, in a way, by the Tibetans who had heard about that and they did a lot of prayers there and they helped in altering the intensity of the earthquake that took place in California. That is, you know, something that we should look for is a large earthquake that would take place. It's going to be real big. It's going to be devastating.

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